Knowing is half the battle in Rodent Control

RodentSensor Helps Technicians through real-time information

When it comes to rodent control, information is key! While many may believe effective pest management is as simple as dropping bait and topping it up, we know it’s a lot more difficult. Technicians draw on a wide range of knowledge and experience when undertaking their job. Attention to detail is critical and a skilful professional will be able to identify the type of pests present by inspecting the signs they leave behind, including droppings, gnaw marks and even track marks/paw prints.

While identification is one piece of the pest control puzzle, another is the deployment of an effective management strategy. A technician must be able to analyse each site to determine points of entry, the location of possible nests and correctly place bait and traps for the best result. Once the plan is in place, effective monitoring must be undertaken with the information used to alter and improve the overall strategy....this is where RodentSensor can help.

There are many smart monitoring units out there, but RodentSensor’s key point of difference is in its ability to measure how much bait is within each unit. Not only does this help technicians to schedule upcoming site visits based on hard data, but when paired the rodent entry information it collects, can provide a powerful rodent behaviour metric.

Traditionally, if you inspected a bait unit and found it still full, you could easily assume there has been a reduction in pest activity. There are many different types of bait available and not all are equally effective. In this situation, there could still be a widespread infestation, but the population doesn’t take to this specific type of bait. RodentSensor has the power to measure how many rodents enter the unit against the amount of bait consumed, this provides concrete bait palatability information that a technician can use to improve their management strategy. While you cannot be around to monitor a site 24/7, RodentSensor is available to provide vital information when you need it.  

The data generated by RodentSensor coupled with the experience of a professional can improve your pest management and overall service delivery. To find out more, visit our website or contact us today