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Technology has revolutionised every facet of our daily lives, changing the way we communicate, entertain ourselves and even the way we work. Rarely a day goes by without spending time on a computer or Smartphone. These devices enrich our lives by delivering a flow of information directly to our fingertips, helping us gain knowledge, make decisions and streamline our social and professional lives. At no other time in history have we ever been more productive and as we find new ways to integrate technology into old processes, this trend will only continue.

This strive toward efficiency is the guiding force behind RodentSensor. By looking at the old methods of pest control and finding a better way to deliver information, we’ve infused technology into old processes to create a device that will save you time, energy and money. In business, efficiency is king and every enduring organisation looks to improve upon ‘the way things have always been done’. Traditionally, to inspect a site, a technician needs to physically travel to the location, look at every bait unit and use their best judgement to decide if the current pest management program is working at its finest. With RodentSensor, we’ve inserted smart monitors and sensors directly into the bait unit. This means the bait station does its primary job of housing and distributing bait to the local rodent population, but also uses its sensors to monitor how often rodents enter the unit and how much bait has been consumed. The same traditional process improved with technology.

This new approach changes how you operate as a pest control technician, making it possible to do more with the same time. Instead of travelling 30 minutes to a job site, the information is sent to you. You now have the information available to decide the best time to travel onsite and know before you go which stations need their bait replaced. This simple shift can fundamentally alter how you schedule your day and improve your time management to see more clients and generate more income. It can also change the way you work with clients. The RodentSensor’s reporting capabilities provide you with concrete data you can present to your clients. If you feel a client needs to increase their pest management plan to prevent a future infestation, you now have the information in-hand to support and justify the decision. You benefit by providing an improved service to your customers and they benefit by preventing infestations that could impact their future operations.

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