Pre-Order The RodentSensor System

RodentSensor allows you to remotely:

  • Determine bait palatability
  • Detect infestations immediately
  • Prioritise site visits based on bait consumption
  • Prove servicing and rodent activity with data
  • Monitor 24/7 from any location

First Orders to be dispatched in November 2020

The RodentSensor 

RodentSensor System
RodentSensor System

Our feature product, this device currently fits inside existing Protecta Evo rodent stations and measures the rodenticide consumption and rodent activity

  • Long Range transmission
  • Lasts 2 years with 4x AA batteries
  • Measures rodenticide consumption and rodent activity
  • Subscription from $3 per month

RodentSensor Long Range Gateway

RodentSensor Gateway
RodentSensor Gateway

The Gateway receives the transmissions from the RodentSensor System

If you have several clients within a 5km (3 mile) radius, you may only need one Gateway. For large open fields, you can reach distances of over 30km (20miles).

  • Range from 2-30km
  • Plug into wall
  • Connect to your client's Wi-Fi or use our cellular options (contact us for more information on cellular option)