Long-Range Wireless connectivity

RodentSensor differentiates itself by providing connectivity solutions to anywhere on earth. From dense inner-city location to remote islands in the pacific ocean, our connectivity options will deliver your data into your hands.

If your unsure of what your situation may need, follow this simple survey to find out which option you need.

RodentSensor uses the following technologies:


A brilliant Australian invention giving short range wireless internet access to devices in homes and businesses all around the world.


LoRaWAN stands for Long-Range (LoRa) Wide-Area-Network (WAN) and allows you to install a single LoRaWAN gateway to reach LoRaWAN enabled devices up to 30km away.


Our cellular options use the latest CATM1 networks which provide an extra 40km of range on top of existing cellular networks.


Low-cost, low-power, secure direct to orbit satellite connectivity. Allowing connectivity anywhere in the world.