Pilot Program Application

RodentSensor has created a solution that allows pest control companies to remotely monitor bait consumption and activity inside of their rodent stations. No more losing time in going needlessly back and forth - our solution helps  increase your technicians’ productivity, improving your company’s potential revenue.

As experts in low-power electronics and long-range communication technologies, we've worked alongside local pest control companies to develop RodentSensor. We continue to work with these knowledgeable professionals to develop our offerings and enhance the value we offer to our customers.

RodentSensor is now offering Pest Control companies the opportunity to be involved in the first large scale deployment of the Smart Rodent Sensor. The Smart Rodent Sensor is the first in the world to monitor bait consumption alongside rodent activity.

As part of the program you will have:

  • Opportunity to suggest improvements to design
  • An interview with the founder
  • Early access to the Smart Rodent Sensor