Pilot Program

RodentSensor has created a solution to remotely monitor bait consumption and rodent activity.

No more losing time in going needlessly back and forth - our solution helps increase your technicians’ productivity, improving your company’s potential revenue.

RodentSensor allows PMPs to remotely:

  • Determine bait palatability
  • Detect rodent infestations immediately
  • Prioritise site visits based on rodenticide consumption
  • Prove rodent activity and technicians visites through data
  • Monitor 24/7 from anywhere

What do you get?

  • Early access to the latest technology
  • 6 Months FREE use of the software service
  • Direct input into future versions
  • Discount on the upfront cost of the RodentSensor system

When does it start?

  • Early Applications receive RodentSensor early June 2020
  • All applicants to receive the RodentSensor August 2020
  • Final product available to the public in October 2020

RodentSensor invites Pest Management Professionals to be involved in the first large scale deployment of the RodentSensor system. RodentSensor is the first in the world to monitor bait consumption alongside rodent activity.

We are committed to working alongside pest control companies to develop products that can save you time and money. 

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