Improve your bottom line

Save Time

Improve the way you schedule your daily jobs by knowing which job sites having the highest amount of rodent bait consumption. By targeting the job sites that have had the most bait consumed you maximise the amount of bait you are selling to your clients.

By scheduling based on rodent activity you will be able to take on more clients with the same amount of technicians. No need to spend 30 minutes travelling to a job site that has had no rodent activity!

Client retention

Being alerted of new rodent infestations before the client even knows will stop those phone calls from clients claiming to have seen rodents and wondering why they have them.

Improve Company Reputation

Getting Real-time Rodent Data puts you ahead of your competition, utilising the latest technology in pest control techniques will allow you to take on more clients with the same number of technicians.

Client invoices backed up by data

Ever had a client question how much rodent activity there has been? Now you can prove the work that you've completed!