We've built a better rodent station

Introducing the E-Rat-icator

RodentSensor has developed a better rodent station, the e-raticator. Capable of measuring rodent bait consumption and tracking rodent activity. This information brings a while new level of understanding to rodent control enabling pest control companies to distinguish rodent behaviours such as:


Rodent control in agriculture can be challenging to control and more challenging to make affordable, the travel time to get to each different station to complete a service can make it an expensive operation for all involved.

With RodentSensor you can now know what stations require re-baiting before you even get on site! No more wasting time inspecting inactive rodent stations.

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Commercial offices

Commercial offices can be a pain to work in, the time spent in traffic getting to the location, finding a park and getting access to different areas of the building. With RodentSensor, you can minimise the amount of visits required by knowing which stations you need to visit before going, or if you even need to go at all!

Rodent activity and technicians services can be proven through to your clients through our online platform, where you can see the time logs of rodent activity and bait re-filling. Proving that there are or are not rodents, and that your technicians were on site when you said they were!

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Warehouse / Storage facilities

Large warehouses and storage facilities often require frequent inspections even though there is limited rodent activity. Costing you time and money in dispatching your technicians to routine inspections that have no activity.

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Rural areas

Any client that is over 30minutes drive from your last location is costing you time and money that you could otherwise be spending on clients with bigger pest control problems. Using RodentSensors long range communication system, you can now have rodent stations in the middle of nowhere and still be able to inspect them remotely from anywhere in the world.

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Healthcare is a sensitive industry and requires constant attention, with RodentSensor you are now giving 24/7/365 care to your clients. Giving them the best possible service while freeing up your time to perform the many other important duties a pest control technician faces

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Retail stores often operate on slim margins and may not be able to afford quality pest control. By using our Rodent Monitoring system, you can cut down costs by servicing their business only when required, giving them a rodent free store while saving everybody money along the way.

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