Wasted time, the new pest of pest management

With any job in the service industry, time is a valuable commodity. The more efficient you can make your service delivery, the more jobs you can fit into a working day. Time is money and time saved can be channelled into growing your business and improving your bottom line. But with every business there are some simple tasks that seem to take more time than they are worth. In the pest management industry, some of the most prevalent time drainers are transport and site inspections. 

The Problem

A day in the life of a pest control technician can be can be dynamic and varied, but the nature of the job means that a technician must frequently travel to inspect, monitor or install equipment on-site. In city-based businesses, this running around can be a costly annoyance (and don’t get me started on traffic!).

For those operating in regional or rural areas, a whole day can often be consumed on just one site inspection with travel-time one way taking up to two hours. While you may incorporate travel into your billing, these hours could easily be charged at a higher rate for actual pest management servicing. All this time spent before the real work has even started!

As for the inspection, the process for assessing a bait station is generally a quick affair, from unlocking the unit, inspecting its contents and potentially replacing bait blocks, the whole thing can be sorted in around two minutes. However, as every technician knows, it’s not often that one unit inspection is enough.

For some industrial sites, one technician can be required to individually inspect potentially hundreds of units. Each needing time and attention to ensure enough bait is in place and to record which units are experiencing activity to improve pest management plans. At two minutes a unit, 100 units will take over three hours to examine. Regular monthly inspections means the bulk of this job over a year, amounts to almost 40 hours just in checking bait stations.

Our Solution

Automation through technology is the solution to these labour intensive problems. Our smart bait station – the RodentSensor is your permanent onsite technician, sending you regular information on bait levels and rodent activity. Frequent, unnecessary travel is no longer required, as you can monitor each unit in real-time online and plan your inspections based on known information, not monthly check-ups.

Manual data entry on app type services is also a labour of the past, as customised reports can be generated instantly from the information collated by RodentSensor. With this new level of detail, you can respond as required to prevent new infestations – for example, installing more bait around units which show upward trends in activity. Your time is valuable and with RodentSensor, you can provide a higher level of service to more clients than ever before.

Be involved in the new approach to pest management. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help to reclaim your lost time, email: dylan@rodentsensor.com

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